T Ultra Low Head Turbine

The T Ultra Low Head turbine (T-ULH) is the most powerful open flume turbine built by Nautilus. This unregulated design produces from 500 watts to 3,300 watts with a head range from 1m to 3.7m. Often two or three units are installed to match streamflow variation or the T-ULH is installed in combination with the Regulated CMC. For large open flume environments, where it is not possible to drain the pit, an optional cylinder gate is installed to shut down the turbine. This is an external cylinder and it helps to clean leaves and debris from the turbine when opened and closed. Like the CMC-ULH, the T-ULH is designed with runner passageways that are larger than the guide vane openings to avoid clogging.

The Nautilus T-ULH turbine is manufactured in our shop from the same high quality materials as the entire Nautilus line of turbines. It is fitted with shafting and gate controls that are mounted above the flume and out of flood range. This is the ideal turbine to capture the power available at low head weirs and mill sites.

Key Features
  • Regulation: Cylinder Gate
  • Runner Type: Francis
  • Materials: 304 S.S., Mild Steel, Cast Iron, Bronze
  • Head Range: 3ft (1m) to 12ft (3.7m)
  • Flow Range: 2.9CFS (80l/s) to 5.2CFS (146l/s)
  • Power Output: 500 watts to 3.3 kW
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  • Exploded T-ULH Turbine
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