Medium Head Hydro Overview

Nautilus builds three different medium head designs. An open flume setting is not a practical choice on heads over 3.7m (12ft). On higher head sites the water is brought to the turbine under pressure with a penstock or pipe. The Nautilus MH line of turbines are fitted with stainless steel scroll cases or round pressure cases. The CMC-MH and T-MH turbines are sized to bolt to a 300mm (12in) penstock. The 660-MH and 440-MH models accept a 200mm (8in) connection.

Turbine in stream
Nautilus' Medium Head Turbine Line:

The T-MH is the most powerful of our turbines to date. It is an unregulated design and needs to be sited where there is sufficient flow for operation, or combined with the CMC-MH which is designed for flow control. The CMC-MH is a simple ‘register gate’ turbine that will operate on heads up to 12.2m (40ft). The gates in this design allow for actuator controls to match available flow and turn the unit on and off automatically. The 440-MH and 660-MH turbine models are the smallest and highest head Francis turbines built by Nautilus. They operate at heads as high as 18.3m (60ft). A simple cylinder gate regulator allows for actuator control.

CMC-MH Image Pane


T-MH Image Pane


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